Productname:DxD-480FB Multi-lanes powder packing machine

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Multi Lanes Powder Packing Machine
Name 4 Lanes Machine 6 Lanes Machine 8 Lanes Machine
Model DXD-480F DXD-720F DXD-880F
Filling Auger
Bag style 4 side seal
Dosage 1-30ml/bag
Bag Size(mm) L30-140 W25-60 L30-140 Single lane film Width:35-55
Capacity (bags/min) 180 270 360
Control Style PLC + Chinese/English Interface
Pneumatic request 0.24cbm/min,0.6Mpa
Power 3.2kw 3.8kw 4.5kw
Voltage AC220V single-phase/380v 3-phases
Body shell Sheet steel spray painted/Stainless steel
Weight G.W300kg G.W380kg G.W430kg
Dimension(LWH/cm) L120 W110 H240 L130 W120 H250 L150 W140 H260
Main Function These multi lanes packing machine, adopt advanced PLC controlling system. They can automatically accomplish making bags, measuring the volume, filling, sealing, cutting etc. They can be used to pack all kinds of powders, such as, milk powder, flour, soybean powder, medicine powder, etc.